Smart people. Diverse clients. Warm culture.

If you're a CPA, MBA, or a recent accounting grad looking to join a sought-after company, The Bonadio Group could be just right for you. A growing Top 100 accounting, business advisory and management consulting firm, Bonadio is an exceptional workplace that offers personal development, work-life balance, and a chance to make meaningful contributions across a wide variety of clients.

And, while the compensation package is always important, we understand that there's more to the job. Bonadio is a place where professionals are supported in their growth, encouraged in new ways of thinking, and given time to have fun bonding with colleagues. Our unsurpassed training programs open doors for you to take on more interesting issues. And our local, national and international presence can take you to more interesting places.

Best Accounting Firm to Work For

Professional Careers

Whether you've been around the block or you're a fresh college grad, The Bonadio Group is an exceptional CPA and management consulting firm where you can advance your career and enjoy a fun, full work life. We're big enough to offer you the client exposure, resources, and advanced training you need to keep growing. And small enough that you won't be lost in a sea of people, doing the same work day after day.

The depth and breadth of a large, reputable company. The friendly culture of a regional, human-sized firm. It just may be a perfect fit for you.

Professional Careers
  • Solid career growth, outstanding pay—Outstanding professional opportunities. Generous compensation and benefits. Serious resources for client service.
  • Stellar reputation—The Bonadio Group is a nationally recognized Top 100 Firm, and we earn more press about our our partners’ thought leadership than any accounting firm of our size in the U.S.
  • Diversity focused—Talent presents itself in many ways. We’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of firm.
  • Award-winning innovation—We value input from everyone on our team. Got an idea for a new service or product? We’ll listen!
  • International reach—Through our affiliation with the Moore Stephens CPA firm network, we have a presence locally, nationally and around the world.
  • Extensive training and mentoring—From CPA exam assistance, to technical training, to “soft skills” training.
  • Cutting-edge professional resources—When you work for The Bonadio Group, you have access to state-of-the-art technology and the latest resources you need to deliver outstanding client service.
  • Community involvement—We never forget that each community where we do business is critical to our success. The firm rallies around many needs, and we encourage our staff to be part of those efforts.
  • An emphasis on good times—Baseball teams. Staff appreciation days. Holiday parties. All designed to build camaraderie here. You'll even spot an occasional poker game.

We want to hear from you

Take a look at our open positions, fill out an application online, send us your resume, or call us at (800) 487-7624, if you’d like to be part of the Bonadio team.

Internship Opportunities

Our clients do business in a broad range of industries, but they all share certain challenges, from funding pressures, to internal controls, to compliance requirements and sound financial practices. That diversity of needs puts our firm in an attractive position for internships, because students who cut their teeth here get real-world experience in a huge range of areas.

When you participate in our paid internship program, you get the opportunity to learn about the complexity of our service first hand. You'll have a chance to choose your internship option--We run full bore in Tax Season and internship opportunities can often be the equivalent of a full-time need from December to April; and Summer is Audit Season--another great full-time internship opportunity from June to August!

Internship Opportunities

Experience the Bonadio difference!

  • Choose your internship option
  • Participate in a comprehensive orientation program
  • Have an assigned mentor and performance coach
  • Be invited to participate in special social and community activities
  • Be one of the team--participate and be engaged
  • Receive a constructive evaluation at the end of your program

Interested in an Internship at The Bonadio Group? We want to hear from you!

Take a look at our internship opportunities, fill out an applicaiton online, send us your resume, or call us at (800) 487-7624, if you'd like to be part of the Bonadio team.

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Our Promise to Employees

The people who work here are our most important asset. We deeply respect our employees, and the value we place on them shines through in our ever-growing array of compensation, perks and family-friendly policies. When you come to work at Bonadio, you'll discover a whole host of rewarding reasons to stay. Healthy retirement plans. Professional development programs. And—perhaps most important—free time.

Your friends and family play an important role in your life. They keep you balanced and fulfilled. That's something to be cherished and protected. A healthy work-life balance also keeps you fresh and energized. We want everyone here to be at their best. With that in mind, Bonadio promises to provide you with the time, tools and perks you need to make the most of your relationships outside of work.

Simply put, we all do a better job together when we celebrate each individual who walks through our door.