When your members trust you with their financial lives, you have a lot to live up to. Bonadio understands the duty you have as a credit union, and we're committed to helping you protect your members and your reputation every day of the year. Your Bonadio team offers unmatched service and state-of-the-art resources designed exclusively for credit unions. That team includes a powerful mix of auditors, IT professionals, and former credit union employees, among other specialists related to the unique business you're in. While the team is diverse, we all share two things in common: deep experience helping credit unions protect their assets and meet regulatory compliance requirements, and a commitment to help you look forward and pro-actively plan for tomorrow’s challenges.

Financial statement audits—We'll make sure you receive the highest possible quality attestation services and deliverables.

Supervisory committee audits—NCUA Compliance that fits you in terms of size, scope, insights, and observations—all delivered at a fraction of the cost of a full financial statement audit.

Internal audit—Risk management and minimization support that ensures internal auditing is not merely a cost, but part of a comprehensive strategy to provide a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Regulatory compliance—After we conduct your initial assessment, we arm you with the best tools so that you can monitor and quickly adapt to any changes in procedures or regulations—while remaining 100% compliant.

IT risk management—You’ll get hands-on implementation assistance from committed experts who are dedicated to minimizing your exposure to IT risks, while maximizing the protection and security of your data.

Mergers, acquisition, and business valuations—We can help ensure the merger decision rests upon sound insight and analysis, and its implementation leads to a smooth transition that benefits members of both merging credit unions.

Examination assistance – We have significant experience helping credit unions respond to NCUA examination findings. Whether you need help discussing draft examination findings with examiners or implementing changes in response to examiner comments, we can help.

Employee benefit plan audits—Few CPA firms truly specialize in this complex and highly regulated area. Bonadio does. In terms of number of benefit plans audited, we are one of the top 30 CPA Firms in the country. Our dedicated team focuses on this highly regulated industry—and they stay abreast of changes in the employee benefit plan arena.


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