The Bonadio team's experience with groups like yours is deep and broad. We've worked with industrial development agencies, local development corporations, and a variety of other local and state authorities.

And our dedicated team has a broad perspective of the special challenges you face, beyond the audit process that meets your assurance obligations.

Of course, we provide all of the standard audits municipalities require, from financial statements to Yellow Book to employee benefit plans, to name a few. But working closely on those audits also gives us the insight governments need in a partner who can help them in a broad range of areas, such as:

  • Providing Authority Budget Office reporting, regulations and compliance
  • Conducting cost containment and savings assessments
  • Auditing vendors for performance and billing
  • Offering IT risk management and IT-related compliance activities
  • Protecting your public authority, its assets and its reputation from fraud, waste and abuse

Public service organizations face increasing pressures and scrutiny. The Bonadio team is here to help you protect your reputation, serve your constituents, protect your assets and be good public stewards.


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