Bonadio’s CPAs and management consultants serve school districts throughout Upstate New York. They represent a significant portion of our local government client base, and our team strives to keep abreast of the latest developments in this sector. Our partners in our Government Team are actively involved in a number of industry groups such as the New York Association of School Business Officials, Government Finance Officers Association and the New York State Society of CPAs Public School Committee.

In addition to helping you meet your assurance obligations through high-quality audits, we can help you deal with a variety of issues, from cost containment to regulatory compliance to IT risk management.

Bonadio offers an Extra Classroom Activities Mentor Program for students and faculty advisors.

Are we missing a student enrichment opportunity?

Each year as the audit season for public schools winds down; many business offices face the dilemma of how to improve the internal control environment for their extra classroom activity funds. Though they believe that everything has been done to ensure strong controls within their offices, the audit report may often cite findings in the extra classroom activity funds—an area that is not even within their purview. Some have even taken steps to operate the funds themselves, in an effort to mitigate these findings.

Have we lost focus on the purpose of these activities?

The Regulations of the Commissioner of Education formulated policies intended not only to safeguard the funds of the organization but also to provide schools with the opportunity to teach students good business procedures. Through participation in handling funds and operating a successful business, students can learn valuable lessons in business finance and organization governance. Simply said, it is a great business incubator for young minds with the added benefit of providing fun activities. For many students, this may be the only business training they will receive in school. Why not make it an enrichment activity where students have an opportunity to learn under mentors from the world of public accountancy?

Taking a fresh look at training programs.

Annual trainings have long seemed to be the solution for improving the extra classroom activities. Typically, this training often focuses more on the central treasurer and faculty advisors than the students. While we have seen improvement in extra classroom activities where an initial training is done early in the school year, we believe that a more comprehensive year round program of training and mentoring that includes central treasurers and faculty advisors but is more focused on the student would be beneficial. This holistic approach would not only improve compliance with these fund activities, it would also provide an experience for the student that may better prepare them for the business world.

Our new Bonadio Extra Classroom Mentor Program provides hands on training by our School District professionals throughout the year to ensure that the students are engaged and learning.

Activities include two on-site training events for students, a participant portal that includes templates, resources, and videos on common topics, a knowledgebase and a hotline for questions.


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