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Tax Season Silver Lining: Helping Clients Succeed

With April 18 quickly approaching, taxes are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. For most, tax season, which is generally between January 1 and mid-April, is simply the time when individuals and businesses prepare and file their taxes for the previous year. But for accountants, tax season often means late nights, long hours, and a seemingly never-ending to-do list.

However, it can also be an extremely rewarding time full of opportunities to help clients of all sizes. TBG’s tax professionals assist clients with record management, form completion, identifying tax exemptions, and more, all while staying up to date on tax law changes and new legislation. This allows them to serve as more than just tax preparers, but also trusted business advisors.

Andrew Kolupski, president of operations for three real estate rental entities in the Rochester area, has been a client of TBG for over four years. He oversees all operations for the company’s more than 500 units.

Andrew originally began working with TBG for assistance with tax return filings as a result of a connection with Mark Elsaesser, Tax Accountant and Digital Asset Subject Matter Expert in TBG’s Rochester Office.

“Andrew and I have been friends for years and have spent many nights studying accounting and finance together at John Carroll University. I was thrilled to be able to connect Andrew with my team at TBG and help out with his business’ finances,” shared Mark.

From the time Andrew started working with TBG, he felt the benefits of the partnership.

“Working with Bonadio has truly simplified the tax work on our end. Not only do the appropriate tasks get completed correctly and timely, but our team constantly looks for ways to better serve our company and make our day-to-day work less complicated,” said Andrew. “It has been extremely helpful to lean on TBG as a deciding factor on which of the everchanging tax opportunities are right for my businesses.”

While Mark was the original connection, Andrew stated that his entire team at TBG, including McKayla Johnson, Staff Accountant, and Rachel Smith, Staff Accountant, has been integral to his company’s success.

“The entire team has simplified the work on our end and have been transparent about any aspect of their business that could help ours. It’s proved to be a very progressive relationship.”

Despite the long hours and demanding deadlines that tax season can bring, the ability to make a difference for clients helps make it worth it.

“Working with friends and clients like Andrew reminds me why I love working in public accounting. We realize how complicated finances can be for business owners and it is so rewarding to alleviate some of this stress and allow our clients to focus on other parts of their business.”

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