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The Crypto Winter – How to Survive and Stay Warm

The latest news surrounding the collapse of FTX & its reverberations throughout the crypto world shook the crypto industry. It is safe to say that navigating through the crypto space including the associated tax implications and reporting requirements is no easy task. Tune in as we discuss the current state of the crypto industry, best practices, and how to stay ahead of the curve for the upcoming tax season.


The State of the Crypto Industry: Crypto Winter, FTX, and Crypto Regulation

Digital Assets (Taxable vs. Non-Taxable Events): 2022 Draft IRS Forms, Exchange and/or Wallet transactions, Forks, etc.

Tax Planning & Reporting: Crypto Tax Service Software, Cost Basis Method Selection, Harvestable Tax Losses, Gifting Crypto

Final Thoughts: Self-Directed Crypto IRAs, Donating Crypto, Mining, Staking