Don’t leave your business to chance.

You can probably guess how much your business is worth, but guesses and hunches are not the basis for business decisions. Buyers and sellers rarely act on speculation. Whether you’re considering gifting, selling or buying a business, you need assurances its worth is based on objectives, proven, business valuation methods. That’s solid business sense.

Knowledge is key! At Valuquest, we understand how important it is for business owners to know the fair market value of their companies – information crucial to negotiating a purchase, sale, merger or settlement. Business valuation services are also useful in making succession and estate planning decisions.

We offer business owners peace-of-mind knowing that our valuation reports are thoroughly researched and fairly assessed using best appraisal practices, current methodologies, and business modeling tools. Valuation – it’s more than business, it’s smart business.

Make sure your business has a life beyond you.

Business Valuation Leads to Longer Business Life. We’ve all heard stories about the successful business owner who didn’t plan for what comes after them. They may have lived a long and prosperous life, but the business was lost when the family couldn’t afford the taxes. A business valuation is the first step toward making sure this doesn’t happen to the business you spent years building. Our experts can even show you how to make your business more appealing to banks, lenders and potential partners. The time to start planning is now.

Your Business is a Reflection of YOU

  • Your hard work
  • Your vision
  • Your dreams for the future

Our accredited business valuation experts will take the time to understand how your business runs and evaluate it from the perspective of a potential buyer. When you’re finished, you’ll know precisely what your single biggest asset is worth, and precisely what you can do to improve its value moving forward.

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