Valuations are a critical element of successful tax planning strategies. Objective third party valuations are vital and can be very affordable entrees to many tax planning projects. Without issuing a full or complete valuation report, we can provide calculations or summary appraisals that will allow owners and consulting professionals to see and understand where they are today and where they can be in the future.

Steps can be made to change the appraised values, as well as organizational changes to redirect value to third parties. The valuation report can jump start any number of planning tools including: family partnerships, LLCs, trusts, gifting programs, recapitalizations, stock sales, and many other devices.

The details of any plan are specific to the client’s circumstances; however, a valuation can be a useful starting point in helping a client commence this difficult planning process.


Tax Planning - Assisted in settling two family estates owning a large manufacturing concern. Then provided the structure for the next generations to continue to pass the company on again while maintaining adequate control.

Tax Planning - Provided consulting services related to a family asset management and estate tax planning situation involving several multi-national business concerns. Two Family LLC’s were used to split family assets between those “in” the business and those not. Plan itself bolstered the asset marshaling concepts the IRS looks at.

Tax Planning - Establish valuation models to measure assets at various points in time, and split by State of jurisdiction so all the necessary reporting could be done efficiently.

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