The Bonadio approach to the peer review process

Our approach has been to recognize that all firms implement professional standards differently. Our goal is to assess your practice in relation to professional standards, not the way our firm does it. That being said, we always learn something from the firms for which we perform peer reviews. Likewise, we strive to provide insight on different approaches used by our firm and other firms that may be of value to you.

In delivering peer review services, Bonadio provides highly technical and superb quality service that is commensurate with that of the largest certified public accounting firms. However, we are able to respond quickly and personally to the needs of our clients because we are structured to work that way.

Bonadio people make the difference

Our depth of personnel resources reflects Bonadio’s commitment to the peer review process. Bonadio provides an environment where creative, people-oriented professionals practice accounting and consulting services without some of the constraints inherent in large, bureaucratic firms. We believe that our size is a reflection of the outstanding service level we provide to all of our clients. It is this combination that has made us successful and is responsible for our continued growth.

Our firm is large enough to have a wide experience but small enough to understand the difficulties in complying with the myriad of accounting and auditing rules.


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