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Innovate With Bonadio

Innovation is the key to the future of auditing, and we believe that the future is already here. We are dedicated to adopting state-of-the-art technology, not just for the sake of technology, but because it enables our team, equips us with the tools we require to perform our jobs, better serves our clients, and leads to our company’s growth and success.

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Audit Innovation

A Transformational Auditing Methodology

Bonadio Audit Innovation

Shaping The Future Of Auditing​

We are among the few accounting firms partnering with the AICPA to deliver a Dynamic Audit Solution (DAS). This data-connected platform leverages the power of automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to transform auditing processes. This partnership reflects our commitment to developing and implementing future strategies that benefit our clients by allowing us to create workflows that predict issues before they arise and make faster and better-informed decisions.

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The Bonadio Group

Embracing Innovation

We are committed to proactively embracing innovation and implementing strategies that enhance opportunities for our people and provide better experiences for our clients. In pursuit of this goal, we are collaborating with colleges and universities to assist in developing curricula that will educate future generations about the potential of data analytics.

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Audit Innovation

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