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Tax Credits & Tax Incentives

Claim Credits & Incentives

Take credit. You’ve earned it.

Our dedicated Tax Credit team brings a broad depth of experience to assist in structuring and documenting transactions to maximize benefits and comply with ever-evolving tax codes and regulations.

We’ve helped clients experience the benefits of more than $60 million in tax credits over the past two years.

Who We Serve

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The Bonadio Group

Our Tax Credit Consulting & Tax Incentive Services

At Bonadio, we adopt a focused and pragmatic approach to assist our clients in navigating the complex rules of credits and incentives. Many individuals and businesses miss out on claiming credits due to cost or lack of knowledge. Our team works closely with you to ensure you do not leave any money on the table. Our services include:

Transform Research Costs Into Tax Savings

R&D Tax Credit

Many companies routinely conduct R&D to stay competitive in their industry.

The Credit for Increasing Research Activities rewards taxpayers for innovation, scientific or engineering research, product or process improvements, prototypes, and software development activities. Our team provides analysis and documentation to help you unlock significant financial advantages through the federal and any state-level research credits.

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Affordable Housing accounting Services

Low Income Housing Tax Credit

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) projects bring together tax-exempt organizations and for-profit investors to facilitate affordable housing development for those in need.

Our team has extensive experience with LIHTC projects, starting with the initial development planning and continuing through the project’s completion. We provide cost certification audits, development consulting, and ongoing tax, audit, and compliance services.


Qualified Opportunity Zone Tax Credit

The rules in this area are complex but provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reduce your tax bill by deferring the tax on capital gains and reinvesting those gains in economically distressed areas.

Our team helps guide you through the process, structure deals, and ensure the process meets the required timelines and parameters.

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The Bonadio Group

Historic Tax Credit & Brownfield Tax Credits

We help find opportunities for tax credits that can be shared with corporate investors and financial institutions through syndication.

  • The historic tax credit encourages private investment in historic building restoration by offering a 20% refundable tax credit, often with a matching state credit incentive. 
  • The NYS Brownfield Cleanup Program is a powerful tool that not only incentivizes the cleanup and redevelopment of eligible contaminated properties but also contributes to environmental sustainability and community revitalization.
The Bonadio Group

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