Our Story

Our Story

A Look at Bonadio Today

Our story: With offices across New York State, Texas, and Vermont, we provide a complete range of financial and consulting services—from auditing and tax to multidimensional accounting, business advisory, & more.

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Our story
Where It All Started

To Be Greater – It's What We Stand For

Our story: The Bonadio Group is both rooted in tradition and uniquely positioned as a firm of the future. What started as a small team of accountants in 1978 has grown to be one of the Top 50 Accounting Firms in the nation. The entrepreneurial spirit embraced by our founders and their collaborative involvement with our clients is shown in our continued growth. Among our Cornerstone Values:


The Beginning

The Bonadio Group started with only three employees at Tom Bonadio’s kitchen table. We aimed to become a million-dollar revenue business, and by 1982, we had surpassed our goal with revenue reaching $3-4 million.

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The Early Years

By the year 1994, we faced a lot of change. We became the first CPA firm to move out of downtown Rochester and grew to 50-60 employees. We officially changed our name to Bonadio & Co., LLP.


Our Expansion

We experienced growth in new territories in Upstate New York, including Buffalo, Syracuse, and Albany. By 2011, we were named the 67th largest firm in the US.

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Positioning for the Future

Recognized as one of the nation’s Top 50 National Accounting Firms, our growth is anything but stopping. We expanded our footprint to include offices in Vermont, Texas, and downstate New York. Our team has embraced a renewed focus on changing the way companies look at accounting and tax, taking the lead as the firm of the future using technology to drive results.

The Bonadio Group

Most Recent Awards

The Bonadio Group

Our “& More” Philosophy

Our “& more” philosophy means that we go above and beyond in everything we do and showcases our commitment to always delivering more for our clients, our communities and our people.