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The Bonadio Group is a well-respected and recognized name within the non-profit industry. We understand that your success depends on various factors. With competition for revenue sources being stronger than ever and regulations continually increasing for the not-for-profit sector, Bonadio is your most valuable advisor. 

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We ensure compliance with laws and regulations and identify operating inefficiencies. Bonadio’s extensive experience with not-for-profits enables us to understand the challenges faced by our clients from the perspectives of the board of directors, management, and funding sources. We play an integral role in helping our clients communicate effectively with all their stakeholders. Bonadio’s experts offer value-added services that go beyond typical accounting and compliance by consistently monitoring industry shifts, market trends, regulations, and accounting standards. We can assess our clients’ priorities and develop programs, processes, and procedures to help them run their organizations successfully.

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Not-for-Profit Services

We provide audit, tax, and consulting services for diverse not-for-profit organizations, including:

  • Cost Management & Board Governance Consulting
  • Financial Analysis & Consulting
  • Internal Control Reviews
  • Strategic Planning

Since 1978, we have been deeply intertwined with not-for-profit organizations, making the community an inseparable part of our culture. We bring our commitment to our community to life in myriad ways, demonstrating our shared values and purpose:

  • Our team, a testament to our commitment to excellence, undergoes over 80 hours of comprehensive, focused training each year, including a course on advanced issues for not-for-profit organizations. This dedication to continuous learning ensures that we stay at the forefront of industry knowledge, instilling confidence in our clients.
  • We contribute time, talents, and treasures to support many community and charitable causes.
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