Seasonal Accounting Opportunities

Administrative & Accounting

Seasonal Accounting Opportunities

Are you ready to explore our seasonal accounting opportunities at The Bonadio Group (TBG)? At our firm, we continually adapt to our clients’ ever-evolving needs. To accommodate these needs, we will hire seasonal administrative and accounting professionals. These positions are ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their professional experience in a dynamic environment while maintaining flexibility. Join us during peak seasons and contribute to our success while advancing your career.

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Seasonal Accounting Opportunities

Why Bonadio?

At The Bonadio Group, seasonal employees are invaluable to our operations during critical periods. You will gain unparalleled experience working alongside industry experts in a supportive and growing environment. Our seasonal accounting opportunities are designed to integrate seamlessly with our full-time teams, providing you with a comprehensive view of the accounting and administrative support professions. Many of our seasonal team members return year after year.

Seasonal Employees

Roles & Responsibilities

As a seasonal accounting professional, you will handle a variety of tasks to support our core teams.

Responsibilities might include:

  • Assistance With Tax Returns
  • Data Entry
  • General Operational Tasks
  • Preparation Of Financial Documents
  • Reaching Out To Clients

Your work will directly contribute to the efficiency and success of our financial operations during our busiest times.

Seasonal accounting opportunities
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Your Success & More

What We Offer

We value your time and commitment! Bonadio offers competitive compensation, flexible scheduling options, and the possibility of returning for subsequent seasons or transitioning into full-time roles. Our workplace culture is built on respect, integrity, and collaboration, ensuring a rewarding experience that supports your career goals.

Seasonal Employees

Skills & Qualifications

Ideal candidates will have a background in accounting, business administration, finance, or a related field and with strong organizational skills. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is preferred. We appreciate a proactive problem-solving approach and the desire to work effectively in a fast-paced environment. 

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Recent Accolades & Recognitions

Our expertise is consistently recognized and validated by the best in the industry.

Seasonal Accounting Opportunities

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