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Bonadio Purpose in Action: Ukraine Relief Efforts

April 6th, 2022

Giving back to the community is a key tenet of our Bonadio Purpose. Whenever we can, our firm rallies together to support those in need. As the situation in Ukraine escalated, many of our People asked how we as a firm, and as individuals, could contribute to support those suffering in Ukraine.

Fortunately, through our association with Moore Global, we found a way to help. Moore Global is a global accountancy, advisory, and consulting network comprised of over 260 independent firms across 110 countries. Moore recently organized a relief fund to collect donations from member firms to support those in Ukraine. This fund was designed to provide direct financial relief to colleagues in Moore member firms and their families located in Ukraine. Donations would help with relocation costs such as travel, accommodation and shelter, staff payroll, or costs of setting up offices to work remotely.

TBG sent out a call to employees to contribute to the relief fund if they were able to. Within just two weeks, nearly 170 employees contributed to the fund, raising a total of just over $16,000. Originally, our firm planned to match these donations up to $5,000, but given the generosity of those who participated, leadership decided to make a larger match, bringing our total firm and employee contribution up to $26,000.

In addition to firm-wide relief efforts, many of our People went above and beyond and found other ways to assist Ukraine during this time, including Graphic Design Specialist, Sasha Mekker.

The Bonadio Group

Sasha, who has family in both Syracuse and Ukraine, recalls how she felt scared and helpless while watching the conflict unfold on social media.

“What is happening is heart-breaking and has sadly been the reality for hundreds of years,” said Sasha.

While her family back in Syracuse is supporting Ukraine relief efforts through their church, St. Luke’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Sasha has found a way to help in Rochester through ROC Maidan. ROC Maidan is a non-profit that provides information, resources, and advocacy for Ukrainians and the public. It was founded in 2014 during the height of a previous Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Over the past few months, Sasha has attended two rallies organized by ROC Maidan.

“It was beautiful seeing the outpour of support and love during such a devastating time,” said Sasha.

Furthermore, through ROC Maidan, Sasha has been able to collect, sort and ship goods directly to Ukrainians in need. Via her social media platform, Sasha spread the word about basic items that were needed in Ukraine. In just a matter of hours, she raised over $500 which allowed her to buy various items ranging from medical gloves to sleeping bags.

“Social media has played a major role during these times. While staying up to date on what is happening, I’ve tried to use my platform for good,” said Sasha.

The Bonadio Group
The Bonadio Group


Thank you to everyone who donated their time and money to support relief efforts in Ukraine. Giving back whenever we can is what the Bonadio Purpose is all about.

If you are interested in learning more about ROC Maidan, please visit: Additionally, CNBC recently shared a list of verified charities if you’re interested in donating. See here for more information:

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