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Forget Job-Hopping: What Drives Employees to Stay with a Company?

November 30th, 2022

Job-hopping, quiet quitting, the Great Resignation: these are all terms we hear when discussing the current state of the workforce. According to Indeed, “the term ‘job-hopping’ refers to the practice of holding multiple jobs in a relatively short time. It’s generally defined as holding a position for less than two years.” On the other hand, many people do choose to stay at their company, but take part in “quiet quitting,” or putting no more effort into their jobs than absolutely necessary.

Additionally, as we navigate through our post COVID-19 world, we have seen the emergence of many new workplace models and trends. Companies across the world have found success with the remote and hybrid work models, opening up new opportunities for employees.

So, in the age of job-hopping, remote work and more, what actually keeps people motivated to stay with a company long-term? In honor of National Career Development Month, we sat down with four of our People who have been with us for 20+ years to discuss the reasons why they have chosen to grow at TBG, the benefits to learning and developing within a company, and more.

A Commitment to Flexibility

Amy Gurren, Office ManagerAlbany, NY and Rutland, VT

Amy Gurren has been at The Bonadio Group for about 25 years and currently serves as the Albany Office Manager. She originally joined when she was informed about a job opportunity as a receptionist at a growing company. “After leaving the interview, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that firm.”

The driving force that has kept Amy at TBG all these years is the firm’s commitment to flexibility. “TBG has always valued family first and has given us the flexibility to take care of our families while continuing to produce valuable work,” said Amy.

After 25 years at TBG, Amy advises young professionals entering the workforce to take advantage of professional development programs to build skills wherever they can. “Just because you’re hired to fill one position, don’t miss out on an opportunity to build your skills,” said Amy.

Amy believes that one of the main reasons why people stay at a company is when they feel seen and valued. “If companies invest in their people, whether it’s sending them to a skill-building training, allowing them to have a more flexible schedule, or asking them about their family— those gestures, among many others, will make an employee feel valued, which will come back 10-fold to the company in the efforts they will want to make for the company,” added Amy.

Building Skills Through Mentorship

Joe Peplin, PartnerRochester, NY

Joe Peplin is a Partner in TBG’s Tax-Exempt Practice, specializing in the business and accounting needs of not-for-profit organizations. He joined TBG in 2002 after receiving his B.S. degree in accounting from State University of New York at Geneseo. Joe is also in charge of heading up our client educational event program, which provides our clients with continuing professional education (CPE).

Joe originally joined TBG because he felt there were the best opportunities for advancement. “There was a major focus on growth and providing people opportunities,” said Joe.

Over 20 years later, Joe shares that one of the main reasons why he has stayed at the firm is the people. “I enjoy working with a wide variety of people and the Bonadio culture is like no other!” He also noted his mentors at the firm as a major factor in staying at TBG as well as becoming a Partner. “I learned from some great mentors over the years that taught me the importance of client service and gave me the skill set that I needed to become a Partner.”

In recognizing the importance of mentorship to success of our People, we have since developed a formal Partner Mentor Program that pairs a firm Partner with mentees who meet to discuss career paths, professional development, and the changing industry.

Joe advises those entering the accounting world to find a firm where you feel valued by your employer and have a sense of purpose. He furthered, “and find a firm that is the right fit for your personality and work life balance.”

Continued Professional Development

June Crawford, PrincipalRochester, NY

June Crawford is a Principal in the firm’s Compliance Solutions Division. She is also a Registered Professional Nurse with a B.S. in Organizational Management.

June joined TBG in 2002 shortly after the firm’s Healthcare Compliance team was developed. As a previous Bonadio client, she shared that she was impressed with the firm’s entrepreneurial vision and consulting initiatives. June furthered, “joining the firm was an opportunity for me to utilize my experience and talents, grow professionally and provide a much-needed service to our healthcare clients.”

Throughout her career at Bonadio, June has never regretted her decision to commit to Bonadio. “I have felt valued and supported by a team of dedicated professionals- not just those who are part of my team, but also management and support staff. I have also been provided with leadership training and have benefitted from continuing educational opportunities and professional memberships,” added June.

June states professional development as a major reason for staying at the firm for over 20 years and she encourages young professionals entering the workforce to take advantage of every opportunity for professional development in their fields and beyond!

Maintaining a Realistic Work-Life Balance

Cara Laney, Compliance Analyst—Bradenton, Florida

Cara Laney is a Compliance Analyst within Bonadio University, TBG’s internal learning and development program which consists of a robust professional development curriculum for all our divisions. Within this role, Cara ensures that our People are in compliance with firm regulators and state licenses regarding CPE at year-end.

Cara joined the firm more than 20 years ago after hearing about the firm from a previous colleague who had joined Bonadio. At the time, Cara had just had her third child and was looking for a flexible schedule. Shortly after, she started working part-time as a Professional Excellence Specialist at TBG and has worked as a part-time remote employee through her roles ever since.

Even as a fully remote employee, Cara has always felt a part of Bonadio. “I have always been included in & More Day, the Holiday Party, and other company events.” Cara also shared that her team’s constant communication and the ability to video chat are among reasons why she has always felt included at the firm as a remote employee.

One of the main reasons why Cara has stayed at TBG for 20+ years, is the ability to have a work-life balance that works for her. Cara encourages others to find a firm where they can do the same. “Maintain a realistic work-life balance—it has worked for me here at Bonadio for 20 years!” shared Cara.

Throughout her time at the firm, Cara has taken advantage of several professional development tools. “I have definitely grown professionally from starting as a “stat typist” to “compliance analyst”, with numerous title changes in between.”

If you are interested in learning more about professional development at TBG, don’t hesitate to reach out. And to learn more about a career at TBG, check out our careers page or our open positions page today!


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