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Software Solution For Social & Foster Care Services


CareFindr™ is a workflow that streamlines and automates the tedious and often redundant tasks associated with maintaining your department’s foster care children and vendor detail to facilitate robust and on-demand reporting for maximum cost savings opportunities.

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Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs

CareFindr is a unique, stand-alone cloud-based software product proprietary to The Bonadio Group that streamlines and automates Local Department of Social Services (LDSS) processes to communicate and track critical and vendor information and foster care children’s placements and movements. This revolutionary solution centralizes relevant data in one platform, enabling on-demand viewing and reporting capabilities that eliminate process redundancies and vendor overpayments and maximize eligible state and federal reimbursement dollars.

Increase Efficiency & Timeliness of Placements

CareFindr minimizes the manual and tedious processes of communicating and tracking children’s placements in and out of care and finding available homes, eliminating Excel spreadsheets, paper forms, and redundant emails.

Centralize Communication & Tracking in One Platform

All staff that play a role in maintaining the county’s foster care population and critical vendor information may have access to this innovative database. Access rights vary based on job title and responsibility.

Reduce Overpayments & Maximize Reimbursement Dollars

The robust reporting capabilities of CareFindr help the LDSS identify and isolate areas most vulnerable to erroneous vendor payments, such as movements (including respites), Title IV-E claiming discrepancies, and outdated and unauthorized special/exceptional board rates for children.

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