Companies sometimes invest (or stand to lose) millions on technology, data protection, systems and regulatory assurance, and executive searches that promise all of the usual benefits of Enterprise Management. Too often, they're spending money needlessly or seeing a lower return on investment than they'd hoped.

Meet the Team

Business Advisory Specialists


It doesn't have to be this way.

Bonadio is an ideal partner for Information and Data Enterprise Management and Protection, because our team has backgrounds in every relevant discipline—strategy, finance, accounting, technology infrastructure and every industry—healthcare, ecommerce, manufacturing, banking and finance, tax-exempt, public to government across the United States and abroad. We also have a solid, industry-leading partner in ProNexus, a firm that specializes in ERP consulting that produces meaningful results. Bonadio and ProNexus both offer an objectivity and expertise that help you mitigate risk, slash costs, boost your ROI, and sleep more soundly at night.

We offer a broad range of services within Information and Data Enterprise Management and Protection, designed to track with the way modern business is conducted—and its inherent challenges.

Bonadio Financing

The capital you need to grow. A partner who knows the market.

Bonadio Financing serves individuals and a wide range of organizations—public, private, non-profit—including those who may have unique financing needs. Our team has worked with financial institutions on a national scale, so we have access to a breadth of resources far beyond the boundaries of our local region.

If you're looking to start a business, expand your business, renovate your facilities, or refinance existing debt, we're here to help. We welcome the challenge of working with rapidly growing companies, asset-based borrowers or real estate developers. Likewise, we're here to serve businesses seeking capital to fund mergers and acquisitions.

A familiarity with all the players can be an asset when the time comes to raise funds. Our team is led by a banking veteran who has years of experience helping businesses raise capital and structure their financing needs. And from the moment we first meet, you'll find the relationship completely transparent. You'll know from the word “go” precisely what you can expect.

Step 1: Your initial consultation

Here, we'll sit down together, get better acquainted, and review your current situation, your financials, and your needs. We'll offer a frank assessment and recommend a way forward—and candidly tell you if we don't think we can make something happen.

Step 2: The discovery meeting and formal engagement

After we're sure we can help, we'll meet with you and your business partners for a more in-depth assessment. We'll talk about your creditworthiness, cash flow, collateral, and other related project considerations. And we'll share with you the most feasible financing options that we see for your business. If you're ready to move forward with us, we'll issue an Engagement Letter and get right to work.

Step 3: Putting together a loan package

Now that we know exactly what you need, we'll assemble a loan package and presentation to share with capital sources that we've identified as good candidates to work with you. We'll strive to secure a “yes” as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Review your options

We'll look over the financing terms, negotiate the best terms for you, and present the options to you.

Step 5: Final decision, close and fund

When you've chosen the financing structure you'd like to pursue, we'll gain a financing commitment, perform due diligence, and help you close on the loan.

An ideal partner for your fast-growing company

Fast-growing businesses sometimes face a serious irony: they need capital to meet a rapid increase in demand for their products or services, but they haven't yet amassed enough equity to qualify for the financing they need to continue growing. When your top line is growing faster than your balance sheet, Bonadio Financing can step in and help you secure the capital you need.

Business Valuations

Bonadio is proud to have under our umbrella the highly accomplished firm, ValuQuest, LLC, which enjoys a sterling reputation as one of New York State’s leading valuation practices. The firm performs more than 100 valuations each year, and has the experience and savvy to perform in-depth valuations for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

As a business owner, you spend years building and investing in your enterprise. There are many reasons why you might need to obtain a valuation at some point. Part art and part science, a ValuQuest business valuation is built on a thorough assessment of factors that form an accurate picture of your company’s current standing and long-term prospects.

Why ValuQuest?

Unlike competitors, the team at ValuQuest is made up of business valuation experts who are also CPAs—as opposed to CPAs who happen to do business valuations. ValuQuest's reports are based on our CPA DNA, plus thorough research, fair assessments, and best appraisal practices.

The team can produce a business valuation on a project basis, working with attorneys, business brokers or other advisors. Or, they can orchestrate every part of the process. As part of The Bonadio Group, we have an unmatched breadth of experts and resources that we can bring to the table for you when you need them most—the right resources at the right time.

A trusted partner for one of your biggest transitions

From succession planning to legal documentation, exiting a business you own is a complex undertaking that involves many moving parts. The ValuQuest team will help you make sure your business and personal assets are both protected, and appropriately in order, for you to be confident and comfortable no matter what your next move is.

C-Level Staffing

Resignation. Termination. Retirement.

Searching for a senior-level financial or IT professional can be costly and time consuming. Most searches involve a loss of productivity during the screening and interviewing process.

Through our affiliate, ProNexus, we offer a seamless way to help you maintain productivity, take the time needed to fill key positions, and reduce the risk of making a costly hiring mistake. ProNexus provides immediate access to interim CFOs, interim CIOs, and any other interim management roles that support the CFO or CIO. The service may even help you connect with a professional who goes on to permanently fill a position after a working interview.

ProNexus Finance Interim Management roles include:

  • Chief Financial Officer / VP Finance / Director of Finance
  • Chief Accounting Officer / VP Accounting / Director of Accounting
  • Controller / Assistant Controller / Accounting Manager
  • Chief Audit Executive / VP Audit / Audit Director / Audit Manager
  • Chief Compliance Officer / Compliance Director
  • Chief Tax Officer / Tax Director / Tax Manager
  • Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer

ProNexus Technology Interim Management roles include:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • VP / Director / Manager of Information Technology

Call ProNexus at 1.866.596.3987 or visit to find out more.

Bonadio Compliance Solutions Group

Staying on top of regulatory compliance is one of the most challenging tasks facing privately-held, tax-exempt and government entities. Even more daunting, regulations are changing all the time. It's not enough to understand current regulations; you also have to be familiar with constantly evolving rules.

Our dedicated team includes every type of expert you need to cover this important area, from Certified in Healthcare Compliance professionals and Certified Fraud Examiners, to Certified Information Systems Auditors and Rate and Reimbursement Specialists. We can provide considerable resources when you need to keep abreast of regulatory change and their impact—even when regulatory authorities aren't communicating directly with you.

Our team can help you avoid significant paybacks, fines and penalties, protect your funding streams, and reduce pressure on staff. We specialize in:

  • Compliance—Program risk assessment, tool kits and training
  • Corporate integrity agreements—Approved Independent Review Organization for state and federal corporate integrity agreements
  • Medicaid/Medicare—Documentation risk assessment, reviews and appeals, self disclosure, and cost reports
  • Diagnostic risk assessments
  • Compliance/ethics hotline hosting

IT/IS Enterprise Risk Management

Today, data has become your number one asset, as a digital asset. It's highly valuable—and if not protected, seriously vulnerable. The systems that store, process and transmit data are under constant pressure to stay current, are under attacks from hackers and disgruntled users, and up and running. Our IT/IS ERM team with its national presence, includes certified IT/IS and data security experts who can help your company align its data protection to your businesses information protection and regulatory compliance goals, efficiently and securely. Help you make better decisions, faster. And turn IT into a strategic investment.

ERP Solutions

Our partner, ProNexus, is a team of financial and IT executives who provide a higher degree of competency at a more cost-effective rate than traditional consulting firms. ProNexus helps C-level leaders tackle a range of challenges, from business systems selection, implementation and optimization, to co-sourcing fully integrated ERP solutions.

Hardware & Software Consulting

Our affiliate Gemko, a reseller of computer servers and other equipment, effectively delivers technology and process solutions that enable our clients to leverage technology to improve their business processes and realize a return on their investment. Gemko is not a one dimensional consulting firm-we listen to our client's business challenges and assemble the "just right" solution for them. Our solutions are made up of multiple business competencies, software technologies, technical competencies, hardware technologies and packaged service offerings.

Our solution's toolkit is based on Microsoft, IBM, Linux, UNIX technologies. Visit for more information.

Information Technology

The average reported loss due to cyber crime is now over $300,000. Considering the potential for significant embarrassment, internal turmoil and penalties for non-compliance, the need for an IT business and security strategy has never been greater.

Our information technology consulting services can help you maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, assets and infrastructures. We also can help you comply with the ever-growing list of federal and state regulations around information security and data protection.

The Bonadio IT team:

  • Performs physical, administrative, social and technical security reviews
  • Executes data and infrastructure security assessments
  • Supports internal audit departments
  • Helps clients develop policies, procedures, controls and compliance management.

Interim Management

Searching for a senior-level financial or IT professional can be costly and time consuming. Most searches involve a loss of productivity during the screening and interviewing process. Through our affiliate ProNexus, Bonadio offers immediate access to experienced finance and IT professionals to provide cost-effective solutions during this transition period. Interim management provides you with a seamless solution to maintain productivity, take your time on the full-time hire, and mitigate the risk of making a costly hiring mistake.

Transform your infrastructure and IT into assets. Get started today.

It begins with Bonadio's real-world expertise. Independent, objective evaluations. And the know-how to make the right recommendations and roll them out. Talk to us today.

Investment Banking

Middle-market investment banking services

The Bonadio Group’s Investment Banking team provides middle-market companies with investment banking and corporate finance services, including accessing the capital they need to grow their businesses and finance transactions. We provide sell-side and buy-side M&A advisory services, debt and equity sourcing, and business valuation services to companies and their owners. We are investment banking professionals who provide family-owned and closely-held businesses with exceptional service by putting our clients’ needs first. We strive to build client relationships based on trust, our years of experience, and our vast network of connections.With the singular goal of meeting individual client objectives, our team of licensed securities professionals is poised to help our clients navigate the complexities of each transaction in an efficient and effective manner.

Whom we serve

Business owners wishing to sell their businesses. We use a disciplined, time-tested process to help business owners sell their companies, giving them the ability to consider all of their potential alternatives and providing peace of mind throughout the entire process. Our process is comprehensive, and designed to maximize value, minimize disruption, and maintain confidentiality.

Companies expanding through acquisition. We provide a wide range of services to help companies seeking growth through acquisitions. We provide a full range of buy-side M&A advisory services, including target identification, negotiating, obtaining financing, closing the transaction and integrating the acquisition target. We draw from years of experience and successful transactions to help clients achieve their objectives.

Companies wishing to access capital. With years of investment banking, valuation, and accounting experience, we understand the best ways to obtain capital to grow your company or finance a transaction. Our professionals tap into extensive relationships with senior lenders, mezzanine lenders, private equity firms, venture capital firms and individual investors to help you find the capital you need.

Those needing to confirm the pricing of a transaction. The topic of business valuation is a recurring theme in the investment banking arena. Our full-service valuation subsidiary, ValuQuest, consists of seasoned professionals holding senior business valuation credentials. Whether you need a formal valuation report or simply need a valuation expert to talk to, our professionals can help.

What we do

Sell-side M&A

  • Planning and preparation
  • Industry research
  • Information memorandums
  • Identifying potential buyers
  • Marketing the company
  • Obtaining letters of intent
  • Deal structure and negotiation
  • Coordinating due diligence
  • Assist with definitive agreements
  • Post-closing assistance
  • Post-transaction financial planning/wealth management

Buy-side M&A

  • Pre-acquisition planning
  • Target identification
  • Risk assessment
  • Financial and operational due diligence
  • Quality of earnings and cash flow analysis
  • Internal control/IT assessment
  • Deal structure and negotiation
  • Review of potential capital structures
  • Securing financing
  • Assist with definitive agreements
  • Target integration

Accessing capital

  • Business plans
  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Review of potential capital structures
  • Identification of capital sources
  • Introduction to capital providers
  • Private placement memorandums
  • Deal structure and negotiation

Valuation services

  • Raising capital
  • M&A transactions
  • Fairness opinions
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Valuing a subject interest
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Succession and estate planning

Professional Excellence

Bonadio established the Professional Excellence Division to promote the highest standards of technical quality in all of our professional engagements. This innovative strategy fosters relevant, efficient, practical systems for quality control within our organization. Professional Excellence also serves as a sounding board for technical matters we encounter in our client engagements, providing insight and clarity whenever they are needed.

The internal success of our Professional Excellence Division also helps us serve external clients better. The division offers our clients:

  • Peer review
  • Outsourced training
  • Outsourced quality control review

If your organization could benefit from ongoing education, technical resources, and guidance to personnel throughout your firm, our Professional Excellence Division may be an asset to you.

Sales Lead Generation

Our affiliate Athena changes how companies think about their business development process by helping clients create targeted and compelling messaging aimed at key influencers that result in highly qualified sales-ready leads and improved sales rep productivity. Typically, companies find themselves engaging in Athena's services because their current business development/marketing activities are not producing the desired results, or they do not have the resources to support the required demand for future growth.

Explore more of the Athena has to offer at