Welcome to Bonadio’s Documental Portals. These portals provide a secure and efficient way to share documents with your Bonadio Engagement Team. Details for the portals are outlined below. If you have any questions about which portal to use, you should reach out to your Bonadio Engagement Team.

New: Business Client Extranet - SharePoint

In December you received an email informing you that we transitioned to SharePoint as a means to exchange non-audit related business information, including workpapers and returns related to tax compliance and provision. If you have not received an email from  no-reply@sharepoint.com, or are having difficulty logging into your SharePoint site, please call (585) 643-5264 or email  sharepointsupport@bonadio.com .  

To help with this transition we created a couple of tools: 

  1. An instructional video entitled, It’s time to Start Using Your SharePoint Client Site. You can view this short video tutorial here:  SharePoint Video Tutorial
  2. A guide to assist you in this process.The guide can be viewed by clicking the following link:  PDF Instructions

CCH Document Portals for Individuals

CCH Document Portal is to be utilized to exchange information regarding individual income tax returns, as well as retrieve the e-file authorization forms and any relevant federal and state individual income tax returns. Please click on the following links below to access your CCH Document Portal and view quick start information.

Login to CCH CCH Quick Start Guide


myPortal is being utilized to exchange audit information

Login to myPortal myPortal Quick Start Guide

How to request CCH support

Having trouble accessing your CCH portal or not sure what to do? Complete the following online form. Feel free to include as much detail as you need such as adding a portal user, removing a portal user or uploading a file. If possible, please attach a screenshot of the error you are receiving or the task you’re attempting to complete.

Client Portal

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