New regulations. New models. Consolidation. Growing demand for services.

It's no secret that the world of healthcare is changing rapidly. Keeping healthcare-related entities compliant and fiscally healthy is one of the core parts of our business. Bonadio is a leading audit, tax and business advisory firm for organizations who receive substantial funding from Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurers.

Our dedicated Healthcare Team brings longtime experience and considerable resources to the challenges you face, from compliance to accounting to tax reimbursement and financial planning. Bonadio also brings unsurpassed levels of technical excellence, commitment and dedication to our clients that have made us one of the most successful CPA firms serving healthcare entities in New York State.

The fiscal health you need to stay vital.

Bonadio understands the increasing pressure facing healthcare organizations and professionals, and we strive to deliver a combination of unparalleled quality and affordable cost that keeps your bottom line in mind. We've worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations through the years, often becoming a key business advisor to them—and an integral part of their business planning team.

The close working relationship our Healthcare Team shares with clients positions Bonadio to offer a wide range of assistance beyond audits and tax matters. From strategic planning to reimbursement consulting. From third-party rate reviews to contract negotiations. Everything we do is focused on helping you maintain and enhance your fiscal wellness.

Key considerations for healthcare entities right now:


With an ever-increasing emphasis on risk management, major hospitals and health systems are turning to the services of our dedicated Enterprise Risk Management Team for internal audit assistance, and internal control analysis, remediation, testing and documentation.

Regulatory and
funding compliance

Requests like these from Federal, state and local funding sources can be daunting. We can help. Our Healthcare Compliance Solutions Team possesses the clinical, regulatory and administrative expertise to assist you in making your compliance efforts comprehensive, and affordable.

Cash flow

Many healthcare providers have significant challenges in patient accounting that can cost thousands—even millions—of dollars. What’s worse, many administrators may not recognize the symptoms of these problems. The Bonadio Receivable Solutions team can tackle these issues for clients.

Healthcare organizations served

  • Adult Care Services and Facilities
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Human Service Agencies

Bonadio: IRO qualified in compliance

We have thorough experience with the requirements of Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIA), and we're qualified as an Independent Review Organization (IRO) for purposes of providing IRO services in connection with CIAs issued by Federal and State regulatory enforcement agents, including the Federal Office of Inspector General, the NYS Office of Medicaid Inspector General, and the States’ Attorney General Offices and/or their Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCU).


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