We understand that successful real estate and development is not simply business as usual. Of course it requires clear business acumen. But just as important, it takes a commitment to understanding the full spectrum of options and opportunities that contribute to the success of your enterprise, the region and the communities affected by investment decisions.

Real estate development is one of the most exciting—and complicated—fields of business. Bonadio has worked with dozens of developers through the years, so we’ve learned that accounting is just the tip of the iceberg. With decades of experience and considerable industry connections related to the real estate industry, we provide solutions to practically any challenge.


Strategies to integrate multiple sources of capital that all have to fit together perfectly as well as addressing compliance issues across a broad spectrum of government agencies.


Our goal is to find opportunities and maximize the value to you. We pride ourselves in uncovering and taking advantage of opportunities that result in returns in excess of the cost of our services.


Our wholly owned subsidiary, MS Consultants, LLC, specializes in generating income tax deductions for real estate owners. MS Consultants is unique in that it employs both nationally recognized tax experts and construction engineers to maximize the real estate owner’s tax saving.


We work with our clients to ensure they take full advantage of the Tangible Property Regulations related to expensing versing capitalizing repairs and maintenance; a subject that we have followed closely since 2003.


We assist in raising capital through our Bonadio Financing Division. Also, Bonadio serves individuals and a wide range of organizations—public, private, non-profit—including those who may have unique financing needs.


Our dominant market position in real estate development, construction, government, healthcare and many other market segments enhances our value to our clients through our ability to make connections and open doors on our clients’ behalf.


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