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7 Reasons to Consider a Career in Audit

October 20th, 2022

When many people think of a career in audit, they think of a typical “desk job”. However, this is far from reality. A career in audit at TBG can provide many opportunities that your average “desk job” doesn’t, including flexibility, travel opportunities, face-to-face client interaction, and more! The below are just some of the benefits and perks to working within the audit practice at TBG.


At TBG, we value both in-person interaction and the flexibility working from home provides, which is why we have adopted a hybrid work model. Our Flexible Work Model is aimed at providing our People with the flexibility they are looking for, while protecting our culture.

In addition to our firm-wide unlimited paid time off (PTO) and “Dress for your Day” policies, this Flexible Work Model is designed to encourage and support work-life balance because we know how important it is to be able to spend time focusing on the things you love.

Brook VonBartheld, Staff Accountant in the Commercial department, shared, “recently I’ve been taking advantage of this flexibility since I just got a dog, it’s given me the chance to help take care of him and watch him during the day while I work, which is super nice!”

Travel Possibilities

Given the nature of the audit profession, there are often travel possibilities depending on the client. At TBG, we consistently work to accommodate our People’s professional needs and desires. Whether you are interested in traveling or would prefer to stay local the majority of the time, there is a role for you!

Lauren Hughes, Staff Accountant in the Health Care Tax Exempt department, shared that, “being able to travel to clients is a great bonding experience with the team you are working with.” She also added that it is a great way to build relationships with clients and expand your network.

Face-to-Face Client Interaction

Developing and building relationships through regular face-to-face client interactions is crucial to the audit practice and is consistently encouraged at TBG.

Brook admitted, “talking to clients is very nerve racking at first as a new staff member, but once you start forming a relationship with them, it’s easier to get comfortable asking any questions you may have and even start getting to know them on a personal level!”

“Being in-person with clients also facilitates the audit process by being able to communicate face-to-face what questions or requests we may have from the client, which sometimes isn’t as easily communicated in a remote setting,” added Lauren.

Diverse Range of Work

A career in audit at TBG can also provide exposure to a diverse range of industries and companies including healthcare, commercial, government, and more. Our auditors have the ability to see how different businesses within these industries operate.

“I think pursuing audit has allowed me to develop a great understanding of all aspects of a business and the various operations and processes that allow them to succeed,” said Lauren.

Brook happens to work with many manufacturers and food distributors. “It’s cool to see how products are made and distributed, and to see the other side of the product,” she shared.

Additionally, at larger accounting firms, auditors may only work on a handful of clients during the year, whereas at regional mid-sized accounting firms, such as TBG, our audit staff are exposed to a wide variety of clients throughout the year.

Company Culture

Our firm’s culture is based in relationship building, collaboration, teamwork, and pride. Our audit teams demonstrate this culture each and every day through working together and assisting each other wherever they can.

“The audit division at TBG is very much a team. Even if you may not be scheduled on the same engagement as a colleague, everyone is still so willing to answer questions you have and help you build your skills and understanding. I feel very comfortable asking my team members questions as they arise, which really is attributed to the culture TBG has built,” said Lauren.

Additionally, different teams within the audit practice often get together outside of the firm to continue the team bonding. “The commercial team does a few activities during our non-busy time in the summer. At these team events, everyone comes together it truly doesn’t feel like you’re hanging out with your bosses!” added Brook.

Growth and Opportunity

We are committed to fostering an environment where our employees are inspired to learn and grow professionally. We offer an accelerated career path that can take you from intern all the way to Partner, as well as a formal mentorship program that supports ongoing learning and development, and more.

“There are lots of opportunities to grow in the audit practice, as long as you are eager to learn and develop, even if you realize that audit is not your passion, there are other paths to navigate to that relate to the audit practice, like healthcare consulting in the healthcare tax-exempt department,” said Lauren.

Audit Transformation Team

And if the above reasons weren’t enough, we even have a specific team dedicated to consistently collecting feedback and implementing changes to improve the lives of our audit professionals. The Audit Transformation Team works with the audit team to discuss what problems or challenges they are facing and how they can make practical changes with the support of leadership.

Among some of the initiatives that the Audit Transformation Team is implementing are the creation of Efficiency Centers, reimagined intern training, new feedback processes, and more. Learn more about the work our Audit Transformation Team is implementing here.

If you’re interested in learning more about an audit career at TBG, don’t hesitate to reach out or check out our open positions here.


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