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What Makes TBG Truly Unique? Hear From Our People “Why Bonadio?” Series Recap

May 11th, 2023

In October of 2022, we launched our “Why Bonadio?” series to highlight our People’s personal experiences with TBG and share what they find to be truly unique about the firm. Over the past seven months, we’ve heard so many more heartwarming stories from our People, covering everything from how they knew the firm was the right fit for them to how TBG supported them during a transition or time of need.

Read on to hear more about their experiences and #WhyBonadio is the place for them.

Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

The Bonadio Group

Though only working at TBG for a short time, William Marlowe, Staff Accountant in the Rochester Office, has found that work-life balance is not only an achievable reality at the firm, but it’s encouraged!

Support Every Step of the Way

For others, like Tiffany Brown, Manager in our Small Business Advisory department, #WhyBonadio is about how TBG supported her during a difficult time.

Tiffany shared some of the recent major events in her life including her father getting diagnosed with lung cancer, his unexpected death only four weeks after his diagnosis, and many complications with her pregnancy. She went on to share how the firm was there for her during this difficult time as supportive colleagues and friends.

“I cannot count how many times people stopped by just to see if was okay or needed anything nor the number of times people shared their excitement about having another baby in our department or to see how I or the baby was too!”

Feeling Valued and Heard

Justin Ariel, Internal Auditor, shared that he is grateful for the Partner Mentor Program and the Performance Coach Program because he is able to stay on track and ask questions. “I am comfortable enough to come to those assigned individuals with anything on my mind and they will have open arms and open ears.”

Similarly, William Delaney, Strategic Advisory Analyst in our Rochester office, has found it easy to approach senior leadership at the firm. He further shared that his insights are valued, and he appreciates being a part of a team where he feels heard.

The Bonadio Group

And even as an intern at TBG, Casey St. Clair, has felt valued by her colleagues!

Continued Professional Development

Theresa Ellis, Audit Senior in our Government, Compliance and Labor Team in our Albany office, shared that when searching for a firm, she was looking for the opportunity to learn more and she found that at TBG. She furthered, “Having resources such as our own people who are experienced professionals who continuously train and share their expertise in their industries, have been one of the many tools provided to me to help me grow in my career.”

The Bonadio Group

Administrative Professional in our Albany office, Alexandra Hart, has also pursued professional growth and development at the firm, noting that she has been provided with opportunities to exercise new skills even if they are outside of her normal duties.

An Emphasis on Well-Being

Alicia LaFleur Memmott, Receptionist, shared that she had never worked for a company that put so much effort and care into ensuring its employee’s well-being. “Meals, therapy dogs, and healthy snack baskets are just some of the examples of The Bonadio Group going above and beyond in support of their employees.”

To check out all #WhyBonadio stories, visit the hashtag on LinkedIn. And if you are interested in learning more about a career at TBG, check out our careers page or our open positions page today!


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