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Section 1115 Waiver Strategy Considerations & Positioning Webinar

Confusion, Complexity, Collaboration, and Competition Are Challenges That Need to be Addressed…10 Practical Strategies for Providers to Consider in Maximizing Incremental Revenue/Grant Support from the HERO/MCO Waiver Structure

Presented by Gerald Archibald, Senior Counsel, Co-Founder Healthcare/Tax-Exempt Division, The Bonadio Group

  • Properly plan for the implementation of the 1115 Waiver
  • Identify opportunities to benefit from the 1115 Waiver with respect to incremental revenue
  • Strategically position your organization in multiple Regional Provider Networks for maximum benefit

Overarching Understanding of the Objectives and Elements of the NYHER 1115 Waiver Presented by Scott Emery, Partner, M.S. Hall + Associates

  • Structure and goals of Health Equity Regional Organizations
  • Structure and goals of Social Determinants of Health Network
  • Timeline and steps regions and organizations can be taking

The Common Characteristics of CMS-Approved Section 1115 Waiver Demonstration Programs in Other States Presented by Wren Keber, Principal, ECG Management Consultants

  • Key lessons-learned and opportunities from other state programs for financial and operational transformation to promote health equity
  • Similarities and differences between other programs and NYS’ proposed Section 1115 Waiver amendment

What Organizations Can Do To Prepare and How to Align Presented by Carol Tegas, Executive Director, Finger Lakes Performing Provider System

  • The importance of collaborative models
  • How a region can prepare for the upcoming Waiver

Please note since this was pre-recorded, you will not receive CPE by watching the event.