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James Zielinski

James Zielinski

Senior Counsel

Jim has been a CPA since 1978, starting with Arthur Andersen in Atlanta in 1976, moving to Rochester in 1978 and joining Bonadio in 1989. He worked with a variety of clients and served as the head of the Commercial team until just before retirement. Jim retired as a partner in 2016 and continues to work with clients and the firm’s Professional Excellence division on a part-time basis.

Jim’s hobbies include biking, skiing, playing (less and less) golf, and wood working. He and his wife, Karen, take ballroom dancing lessons and dance whenever the opportunity presents itself. He also support’s many of Karen’s volunteer activities, primarily through physical labor. They have two sons, who lived one block apart from each other in Manhattan until recently. His favorite Bonadio memories are the colleagues and clients who have become lifelong friends.

Professional Affiliations

  • McQuaid Jesuit
  • ABVI Goodwill


  • CPA

Community Involvement

  • Trustee, Chair of Finance Committee for McQuaid Jesuit
  • Member of Investment Committee, ABVI Goodwill