An audit is about more than just attestation on financial statements. It's a chance to look more closely at your performance. Explore fresh ways to save resources. Improve your operations.

Our Objective

Bonadio & Co., LLP—a Bonadio Group division—runs one of the largest audit practices in Upstate New York. It's a centerpiece of our business and proof of our experience and dedication. Our auditing services are based on a deep understanding of each client’s business, so we can plan and target our testing effectively.

For resources, technology, methodology and bench strength, we're unmatched in our region. Among the traits and abilities that set us apart:

  • State-of-the-art paperless audits
  • Intensive, continuous staff training
  • Rigorous emphasis on consistent quality control
  • Specialized Professional Excellence Division auditing services

Today, new challenges come under the realm of accounting. IT risk. Internal control analysis. Remediation and documentation. With so many considerations as part of the auditing process, Bonadio can turn a typical audit into a powerful business performance opportunity by helping our clients understand, address and control risk.


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