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Compliance Solutions

How We Can Help: 

Independent Review Organization (IRO)/Independent Monitor (IM)

We are one of the few approved IROs/IMs for organizations that require Corporate Integrity and Stipulation Agreements from both State and Federal Oversight Agencies.

Corporate Compliance Programs

We specialize in the development and delivery of various Corporate Compliance Programs including Compliance Officer assistance, program assessment and effectiveness reviews, Board governance assessments and ongoing auditing and monitoring to ensure that your program is up to today’s industry standards.


We deliver a comprehensive, multilevel training program, encompassing the compliance requirements of both State and Federal agencies, that we can deliver in any way that suits your organization. Training topics include, but are not limited to, HIPAA, leadership development and auditing.

HIPAA Compliance

We are experts in HIPAA compliance and offer a suite of solutions to ensure that you are aligned with the ever-evolving industry rules and regulations. We provide risk analytics implementation assistance, policy and procedure review and access to our HIPAA Compliance Toolkit, which includes more than 60 Privacy and Security policies and templates for our clients.

Billing, Coding, and Documentation Assessments

We help our clients streamline their billing, coding and documentation review through risk assessments, audit tool development, training and investigations into fraud, waste, and abuse.

Self-Disclosure Assistance and Government Audit Assistance

We possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping our clients through the self-disclosure process. When government auditors come calling, our experienced compliance personnel walk providers through the process from entrance conferences to exit conferences and help develop audit responses.

Quality Assurance Program Assistance

We work with providers to assess and streamline their Compliance and Quality Assurance Programs, ensuring that they align with existing regulations and produce effective quality services and results. Our team of licensed and certified professionals help evaluate effective quality services through diagnostic assessments, gap analyses and risk assessments.

We Serve 

  • Healthcare Entities
  • Attorneys
  • Counties and School Districts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Human Services Agencies
  • & More
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