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Tax Transaction Advisory Services

Who We Serve:
Private Companies
Private Equity
Public Companies

Tax Modeling

We help clients make important decisions using financial modeling and analytics.

  • For buyers, we work to analyze alternative tax structures to maximize tax benefits associated with transactions, including step up of assets to maximize cash flow.
  • For Sellers, we conduct cash flow analysis and computation of after-tax proceeds of alternative structures.
Tax Modeling

Evaluation & Strategies

When buying, selling, or obtaining capital for your business, we help evaluate every option and measure alternative tax outcomes. This includes post purchase or sale integration and the strategic nature of the structure on cash flow and long-term tax savings. Additional options include:

  • 1202 Application
  • Asset Sale vs. Equity Sale and section 338 elections
  • Allocations of Purchase Price
  • Tax Efficient Equity Rollovers
  • Tax Transaction Cost Analysis
Evaluation & Strategies

Due Diligence

When buying a business, you need to understand the target's tax posture and exposures for all taxes including state franchise/sales/income taxes. We work with you and potential buyers to quantify tax attributes and explain to buyers the tax positive of the business to maximize sales price.

Due Diligence

What Our Team Has to Say

Our team has maximized the value on hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions for our clients. We can deliver.

Thomas Bruckel, CPA

Leader of Tax Practice, The Bonadio Group

What Our Team Has to Say
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