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The Bonadio Group helps compliance leaders maximize cost savings and keep pace with regulations. One of the few approved Independent Review Organizations (IROs), our Compliance Solutions team works with clients to create programs aligned with the latest regulatory changes, which produces better business and performance outcomes. 

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We Offer Compliance Solutions in the Following Areas

At The Bonadio Group, we understand that overcoming financial and business obstacles can be daunting. That’s why we take pride in being a leading Top 50 CPA firm offering comprehensive services to assist our clients. Our team of experts has extensive industry-specific knowledge and experience, allowing us to deliver even more value with every engagement. Our knowledge drives your success, and we are committed to being your trusted partner in achieving your goals.

Billing, Coding, & Documentation Assessments

Bonadio helps our clients streamline their billing, coding, and documentation review through risk assessments, audit tool development, training, and investigations into fraud, waste, and abuse.

Corporate Compliance Programs

Bonadio specializes in developing and delivering various Corporate Compliance Programs, including Compliance Officer assistance, program assessment and effectiveness reviews, Board governance assessments, and ongoing auditing and monitoring to ensure that your program meets today’s industry standards.

HIPAA Compliance

The Bonadio Compliance Solutions team has expertise in HIPAA compliance and offers solutions to ensure you are aligned with the ever-evolving industry rules and regulations. We provide risk analytics implementation assistance, policy and procedure review, and access to our HIPAA Compliance Toolkit, which includes more than 60 Privacy and Security policies and templates for our clients.

Independent Review Organization (IRO) / Independent Monitor (IM)

We are one of the few approved IROs/IMs for organizations that require Corporate Integrity and Stipulation Agreements from both State and Federal Oversight Agencies.

Quality Assurance Program Assistance

Bonadio works with providers to assess and streamline their Compliance and Quality Assurance Programs, ensuring they align with existing regulations and produce effective, quality services and results. Our team of licensed and certified professionals helps evaluate effective quality services through diagnostic assessments, gap analyses, and risk assessments.

Self-Disclosure Assistance & Government Audit Assistance

We possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping our clients through self-disclosure. When government auditors come calling, our experienced compliance personnel walk providers through the process from entrance conferences to exit conferences and help develop audit responses.


We deliver a comprehensive, multilevel training program that encompasses the compliance requirements of both State and Federal agencies and can be delivered in any way that suits your organization. Training topics include, but are not limited to, HIPAA, leadership development, and auditing.

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Compliance Toolkits

Our toolkits are like having a trusted compliance resource at your side.

  • Compliance Program ToolkitIt has been updated with the latest regulations and provides policy and procedure templates to guide you through ensuring compliance with the new 2024 regulations.
  • HIPAA ToolkitA comprehensive set of policies that address all required controls associated with the HIPAA Security and Privacy rules.
  • PCI v4.0A comprehensive set of policies that address all controls associated with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for v4.0.
Industry Expertise

The Bonadio Difference

Our Compliance Solutions team is a powerhouse of diverse, credentialed, and licensed professionals. What sets us apart is our unmatched industry knowledge and expertise. We are not just passive observers, but actively engaged in the industries we serve. We host and attend annual seminars and boot camps as part of our Compliance Program Development Series. Our experts hold a variety of accreditations, including Certified in Healthcare Compliance, Certified in Healthcare Privacy Compliance, Registered Nurse, and Resident Assessment Coordinator Certification.

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