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Flexibility, Support, & More: Kick Off Your Career with a TBG Internship

June 18th, 2024

Our spring and summer internships are more than a means of checking an internship credit requirement off a list. We’re proud to offer an intern program that goes above and beyond what students learn in the classroom, immerses interns in our supportive and flexible company culture, and encourages participants to try working in different areas of the firm to find the right fit for them. Our goal is to prepare future accounting professionals for a fulfilling career in the industry with an optimistic outlook.

This spring, our class of interns made the most of every opportunity to learn, grow, network, and enjoy themselves during their time with us. We’re excited to share their experiences and pull back the curtain on what an internship at TBG truly looks like!

A Supportive and Flexible Atmosphere

We pride ourselves on fostering a company culture that empowers our interns to ask questions and get support from Staff Accountants all the way up to Partners. No question is too small; we truly want our interns to feel comfortable and soak up all the knowledge they can, all while having fun!

When reflecting on his internship, Gilberto, an intern within our Assurance Service Line, said, “the culture is really present, even across tax and audit.” Before interning at TBG, Gilberto heard that accountants typically stay in their cubicles and keep to themselves. However, he was happy to find that his experience didn’t reflect that stereotype. “At Bonadio, people are really eager to help with whatever I need,” he said.

Even during the tax busy season, our interns are able to step away from their work and enjoy quality time with their colleagues. “It’s a work hard, play hard culture,” said Ryan, an intern within our Advisory & Consulting Service Line. We provide a variety of social and wellness activities, snacks, and themed spirit days to boost our Peoples’ physical and mental health while they service our clients. “My team gets down to business when we need to, but if we want to have fun, we have a good time and can separate work from play,” said Ryan.

Jaiden, an Assurance intern, also enjoyed the flexibility and work-life balance we promote. As a double major in accounting and financial planning, she dreaded doing an internship in accounting because she assumed it would consist of long hours and no support. “Bonadio has given me hope regarding the environment that can come with such a work intensive business,” said Jaiden. We truly aim to be an exception to the industry standard, even as a larger firm – “there are companies that really do care about their employees, and that CAN be found with a bigger company,” Jaiden added. Our “To Be Greater” company culture was a highlight across the board for our spring interns, and we’re thrilled that they felt welcomed and supported.

Classroom Material to Real World Application

You may have heard that internships typically consist of coffee runs and busy work, but that couldn’t be further from the experience of our Bonadio interns. Whether our interns work with us during the spring or summer, they get a wealth of hands-on experience that goes above and beyond what they’re learning in the classroom.

Our seasoned, returning Assurance interns have the opportunity to get real-world experience with direct client interaction. Sebastian, an Assurance intern, enjoyed working with healthcare and dealership clients doing standard audits and reviews. “It’s been cool to see how the audit works while I’m taking audit classes in school,” he said. Similarly, Erin, another Assurance intern, enjoyed being exposed to all areas and aspects of the audit, as opposed to being limited to one section. “I’ve gained a lot of experience that I wouldn’t have been able to gain at a bigger or smaller firm, and I’ve been walked through the ‘why’ and ‘how’ we do things,” they said.

When Gianna began her internship within our Tax Service Line, she primarily knew the basics of a W2. Upon completing her time at Bonadio, she was one of the only people in her classes that knew how to do a full tax return. “I want to be pushed and go as far as I can because it’ll prepare me for my career,” said Gianna. “I picked the right place to start at,” she added. We’re so happy Gianna and all our interns kicked off their careers at Bonadio, building a strong foundation in the profession to carry with them for years to come!

Take the Time to Find Your Fit

We realize that it’s no small decision to choose a service line to focus your career on, so we encourage our interns to try different departments and see what they like best! You may find that your skills are best suited to tax or that you enjoy working in the Efficiency Center in Assurance. Small Business Advisory (SBA) Intern Kristin tried out our Assurance Service Line before deciding she wanted to pursue a career in SBA. “I’ve been able to see certain companies from start to finish, from their taxes to audits,” she said.

SBA Intern Doug did an internship in Assurance last summer and decided he wanted to give SBA a try this spring. “Working in SBA was a little bit different but still the great Bonadio experience I’m used to with great people,” said Doug. During his second internship, Doug found a passion for working with small businesses – “I get to hear their stories and play an instrumental part in their financial success, which is extremely rewarding.” Dabbling in a variety of service lines was a game-changing career move for him!

Even when transitioning from an intern to a full-time accountant, we’re flexible with our Peoples’ career paths. Assurance Intern Sydney completed an internship within SBA last summer, and she signed a full time offer to start after graduating from college this spring. However, she wasn’t fully set on a career in SBA, and her job offer noted her service line as “to be determined.” This spring, she did another internship at Bonadio, but she tried working in our Assurance Service Line. “Now that I’ve tried both, I think this internship has confirmed that I’m happy here and can see myself in Assurance specifically,” said Sydney. “Bonadio is willing to accommodate and make sure you find the right fit because they want you to be happy here,” she added.

Whether it was their first, second, or even fifth internship, our spring interns expanded their skillsets, formed deep relationships with their colleagues, and took big steps forward in their careers. It’s an honor to guide these future professionals in navigating the challenges and victories that come along with such a formative learning experience. Now that our summer interns have started their internships, we’re ready to provide them with that same Bonadio experience!

If you’re interested in interning at Bonadio, click here. And if you’d like to learn more about a career at Bonadio, reach out today or check out our current openings here.


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