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Investing in Excellence: Continuous Learning & Development at TBG

November 22nd, 2023

A designated and ongoing learning and development (L&D) program within the workplace is arguably more important than ever. We have more technology, more sophisticated business landscapes, and faster-paced changes than ever before. In this dynamic environment, a well-structured and continuous L&D program within the workplace stands out as a strategic necessity.

According to Indeed, L&D programs can lead to enhanced work performance, improved morale, and skill improvement. Additionally, effective learning in the workplace goes beyond the individual. It also enables team-wide productivity, allowing the organization as a whole to adapt to changing and increasingly competitive environments.

At TBG, we value continuous education, which is why we have invested in Bonadio University, our internal L&D program consisting of a robust professional development curriculum for all our divisions.

Bonadio University

The Bonadio University team is responsible for the strategy and implementation of all educational programs at TBG. The team works collaboratively with individuals and teams across the firm to provide education and resources to help our People learn and develop within their careers.

Bonadio University, which is currently growing and evolving, was not only developed to provide proper job training at the start of each employee’s days at the firm, but to also provide and maintain Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours. While ongoing education is important in every industry, it is critical in the accounting profession. Given the highly regulated nature of the industry, there is a lot at stake. Accountants must regularly complete a certain number of CPE hours and those who fail to meet regulations are at risk of losing their license.

While this can be a lot to keep track of, Bonadio University provides learning tracks to assist our employees in meeting their CPE hours while also managing these hours to ensure all compliance requirements are met. Additionally, the Bonadio University team provides an annual training calendar for our People so they can plan and schedule these trainings accordingly.

Vice President of Learning and Organizational Development, Allyson Roote, believes that Bonadio University plays a critical role in moving the firm forward by investing in the development of our people at every stage in their career.

“By providing numerous learning opportunities that meet learners where they are at, we are able to deliver quality education for all staff that allows them to transfer the skills learned in the classroom to the field,” shared Allyson.  

TBG Courses and Training

Many of the courses and training sessions provided through Bonadio University are done in-house by our Subject Matter Experts, or SMEs. This includes our Partners, Principals, and other employees who have extensive knowledge and experience in a given topic.

Our courses and trainings include:

  • Industry & Level-Specific Learning Tracks
  • LinkedIn Learning Professional Development Courses
  • Becker Professional Education
  • Upstream Academy Resources
  • Moore Global Professional Development Curriculum
  • Future Leaders Academy
  • Path to CPA Program

Through Bonadio University, employees are provided with courses to further their skills and knowledge in a variety of topics as well. Aside from the technical trainings, there are endless opportunities for our People to gain leadership, professional development, and digital skills.

Additionally, our firm provides a CPA Exam Study program for any employees who are on the path to becoming a licensed CPA. To learn more about this program, please click here.

To learn more about the various learning and development programs at TBG, click here. If you’re interested in finding out what a career at The Bonadio Group could look like for you, reach out today or check out the current openings here. 


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