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GASB 96 Implementation and GASB 87 Review

Download the full presentation ... READ MORE

Replay: CECL Virtual Roundtable #3

The discussion during this session focused on call report impacts. Presented by: ... READ MORE

TBG Healthcare in Focus: Medicaid Re-Enrollment Regulations

On April 1, 2023, two significant changes to the US Healthcare System will occur: the unwinding of the Medicaid Continuous Enrollment Provision und... READ MORE

TBG Healthcare in Focus: Compliance Issues Facing Today’s Hospital CFOs

In this first video, part of the TBG Healthcare in Focus series, Jo... READ MORE

Approach To Soc2 Reporting For Small Businesses

SOC2 Fireside Chat with Charli... READ MORE

Replay: CECL Virtual Roundtable #2

This session was a Q&A format and addressed questions regarding next steps after completing the loan modeling process, disclosures, & more. ... READ MORE

Replay: CECL Roundtable #1

The first in the series, this session focused on documentation surrounding the CECL implementation process. Presented By: ... READ MORE

REPLAY: Investment Matters That Matter

This session discussed timely topics related to an organization’s investment responsibilities, from liquid assets to long-term funds to the retirem... READ MORE

REPLAY: Employee Benefit Plans – How to Prepare for An Audit/Compliance Update

This session focused on the latest developments in regulatory matters affecting retirement plans. The discussion explored common compliance pitfall... READ MORE

REPLAY: Internal Controls and How to use them to Protect Your Organization

This session focused on the utilization of internal controls to protect the mission of your nonprofit organization. After watching this replay, you... READ MORE

REPLAY: Risk Mitigation Related to Government Audits of Stimulus Funds

In this session, participants learned how to implement strategies to mitigate all types of risks related to stimulus funding, including the critica... READ MORE

REPLAY: Reasonably Meeting Key Cybersecurity Protection, Prevention and Regulatory Concerns

This session presented information regarding current cybersecurity protection requirements, potential regulatory concerns, and changes from an audi... READ MORE