2019 Construction Summit in Albany

Tuesday, February 05, 2019
7:30 am - 12:00 pm

Keynote Presentation
Construction Effective Leadership with George Hedley, CSP, CPBC
Hardhat Presentations

Effective Leadership with George Hedley, CSP, CPBC, Hardhat Presentations Running a successful company, division, project or team starts with the leader. People will only go as far as the leader takes them as results are the #1 indicator of effective leadership. Leaders get results through people by influencing, motivating and making them want to be accountable, responsible, follow & perform to a higher level. People want to be “lead”, not controlled or micro-managed. Learn how to be an winning coach and leader by identifying your vision, setting measurable targets and goals, and implementing a scorecard tracking system. Get results through people by coaching, communicating clear expectations, recognizing, trusting and inspiring people to perform. Learn how to hold people accountable and responsible, delegate, let go of control, and help people to become the best they can be. Make every team successful by following proven steps to get organized and in-control with regular meetings, follow-up, scheduling and structure..

Agenda Overview
Each summit features two sets of breakouts offering different sessions to choose from. These sessions are designed to help you improve the services you provide and drive more results to your bottom line. Topics include: New Tax Updates, Cyber Security Awareness, Revenue Recognition and more.

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Albany Office