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David Fabian

Dave’s primary objectives are quality and excellence as it relates to the Tax Service Line, as well as the growth and development of our people. Dave ensures that the Tax Service Line can support the growth of each industry by managing talent, monitoring quality, supervising productivity, and implementing standardization. He is responsible for ensuring practitioners within their service line are highly educated, capable, and accessible to assist in achieving growth goals. Dave and the leadership team are up to date on technical matters and business objectives related to services provided by the Tax Service Line. Dave maintains heavy involvement in talent retention and recruiting.

Dave is a member of the firm’s Management Committee and Board of Directors and the Managing Director of our Cost Segregation team, MSC. He has spent over 25 years traveling the country with the MSC team to meet with clients, uncover opportunities, and provide educational seminars.

Dave is active in his community, has served on various boards, and volunteers with many organizations. Dave’s favorite time is family time. He enjoys hiking, playing games, and vacations with his family.

Dave Fabian Environmental 2019

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(716) 580-1561


Canisius College B.S. in Accounting

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