As a business owner, you spend years building and investing in your enterprise. There are many reasons why you might need to obtain a valuation at some point. Part art and part science, a ValuQuest business valuation is built on a thorough assessment of factors that form an accurate picture of your company’s current standing and long-term prospects.

Why ValuQuest?

ValuQuest, LLC is a national valuation firm founded in 1998 and a subsidiary of The Bonadio Group. Our team of appraisers and analysts have decades of experience preparing valuation reports for business owners, attorneys, CPAs, investment advisors, financial planners, and consultants. We have direct access to over 450 professionals who specialize in various areas and consult with the ValuQuest team as the need arises.

The team at ValuQuest is made up of business valuation experts who are also CPAs—as opposed to CPAs who happen to do business valuations. ValuQuest's reports are based on our CPA DNA, plus thorough research, fair assessments, and best appraisal practices.

The team can produce a business valuation on a project basis, working with attorneys, business brokers or other advisors. Or, they can orchestrate every part of the process. As part of The Bonadio Group, we have an unmatched breadth of experts and resources that we can bring to the table for you when you need them most—the right resources at the right time.




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