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This resource page is one of many value-added services we provide to our school district clients. It includes training that may help you and your staff. The resources are only intended for your district and our client and should not be shared with others. They do not replace your ability to reach out to us with questions, and we highly suggest that you continue to consult with your professional advisors at Bonadio. This resource page is considered general information.

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Our Services

Our high-quality mix of government auditing, accounting, and consulting services and expertise make us one of the most sought-after CPA firms for government organizations. We take pride in delivering complete resources to our school district, public authority, state, city, county, town, and village clients.

  • Assistance With Required New York State Financial Reporting
  • Claims Auditing
  • Consulting Services, Including Interim Accounting Services
  • Full Scale Financial Statement & Federal
  • GASB 87 Lease & GASB 96 SBITA Implementation
  • Information Technology Consulting
  • Internal Audits
  • Internal Control Assessments
  • Outsource Accounting Services
  • Single Audits
  • Transportation Services Consulting
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Recent Webinars & Articles

This section provides recent webinars presented by our experts related to school district activities that may be important to you. The short clip videos provide training on claims auditing, extra classroom activities, and general school district accounting matters.

In this video, you will learn about the Purpose of Extraclassroom Funds, Creation/Dissolution of Clubs, Basic Principles/Governance, Roles/Responsibilities, and Sales Tax Responsibility.
In this video, you will learn about Cash Receipts, Cash Disbursements, Inventory, Record Keeping, Review of Forms and Common Deficiencies.
Download the full presentation HERE
The Bonadio Group provided a governmental accounting update and guidance for implementation of the governmental leasing accounting standard. This material has been prepared for general, […]
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Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides frequently asked questions that we answer throughout the year for many of our school district clients. We periodically update this with other questions we’ve received and related answers. The questions and answers are general in nature; however, feel free to reach out to our experts for specific information for your district should you need it.

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Public School Resource Center

Occasionally, our school district clients contact us for examples of specific policies and procedures. We’ve included a number of sample policies and procedures for you to view, and we are always open to hearing about other policies you may want to see in this section.

Public School Resource Center
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The Bonadio Group

Ask Our Experts

At Bonadio, we value your questions and are here to help. Feel free to contact your professional advisors. Alternatively, you can use the link below to request information and seek advice from our experts.


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