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Accounting Services for Government Entities

Who We Serve
Local Governments
Public Authorities
School Districts

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The Bonadio Difference

We have a long history of finding ways to lower costs, fight fraud and deliver outstanding results. Our skills and capabilities include the following:

  • Performing efficiency studies to improve a department's ability to offer effective services
  • Conducting staffing analysis to ensure local governments are able to offer accurate and compliant services
  • Exploring shared service arrangements, combining services and merging contracts and technology offerings to enhance services and cut costs
  • Providing forensic services that search for and eliminate fraud, waste and abuse through Medicaid recipient and provider audits, overtime reviews and more
The Bonadio Difference
Industry Accreditations

Bonadio Recognized in the Industry

Our decades of expertise are shown through the industry accreditations we have earned over the years.

Bonadio Recognized in the Industry
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