In today’s constantly changing business landscape, risk management is more important than ever. From mitigating the threat of hackers and data breaches to monitoring costs of new construction and maintaining internal controls ‒ managing and optimizing risk has never been so critical. It’s easy for senior management to get bogged down in day-to-day issues or fires that spring up and lose sight of the organization’s strategic goals and objectives

Our risk services professionals have the talent and expertise to help you develop and conduct a cost-effective enterprise risk assessment that will help you position your organization to understand and effectively manage risks and improve performance. We help organizations:

  • Fully identify and characterize your threats based on industry standards
  • Completely assess known and suspected vulnerabilities to critical assets from specific threats
  • Determine and measure the expected likelihood and severity of risk exploitations
  • Implement reasonable and applicable methods to reduce risks in context to your organization
  • Prioritize risk reduction actions and measures based on a defined strategy
  • Effectively communicate outcomes, findings

Our Objective

Enterprise Risk Assessment

Our enterprise risk assessment methodology provides a consistent highly effective approach to evaluating risk and identifying opportunities to improve processes. We adhere to processes that will:

  • Create value and assure management that the resources expended to mitigate risk will be less than the consequence of inaction
  • Become an integral part of organizational processes
  • Positively affect risk mitigation decision making process
  • Explicitly address uncertainty and assumptions
  • Be a systematic and repeatable structured process
  • Be based on the best available information
  • Allow customization to your market
  • Take human, physical, technical and administrative factors into account
  • Allow for transparency
  • Be capable of continual improvement and enhancement and responsive to change
  • Be designed for periodic reassessment

Bonadio’s ERM Team provides a full range of internal audit, enterprise risk management, process improvement, information technology, and internal control and compliance services across all vertical markets. We help you address the needs of risk management from the moment you engage us.

Bonadio has a dedicated risk advisory, cyber security assessment, regulatory compliance measurement and internal audit team within its Enterprise Risk Management division currently comprised of individuals who combined have over 250 years of experience and are dedicated to providing our clients with highly effective risk management programs and regulatory compliance management.

We know that a successful engagement requires the conscious integration of staff, their abilities, and where we can bring our experiences in other engagements to bear for a successful outcome to your risk management plans. The Consulting team you hire, from day one, adds to your team and delivers our intellectual property from the moment you have us engaged.

We deploy personnel who are Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls (CRISC), Certified in Information Security Managers (CISM), Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), Certified Masters in Computer Forensics, Certified Internal Auditors (CIA), Certified Information Technology Professionals (CITP), PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) HITRUST Alliance Certified Practitioners, and multiple certified and regulatory experts from HIPAA to SOX, PCI DSS to HITRUST, with demonstrable experience. Your team members are not just technically savvy and fully capable of assessing and auditing any technology, system, or application; they are business savvy too.

Contact us, let us show you how we help you sleep better at night.


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