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Fraud and Forensics

We Provide a Full Spectrum of Fraud and Forensics Services for a Wide Range of Clients:

Fraud and Forensic Accounting

Our team has the experience and expertise required to provide reports and testimony developed for use in court proceedings and other litigation related circumstances.

Fraud Investigations

Our experienced professionals conduct individually tailored fraud investigations for corporations, non-profit, and governmental organizations and as part of criminal proceedings and civil litigation.

Internal Control Reviews

We perform internal control analysis to identify weaknesses that increase the risk and likelihood of errors in financial reporting.

Employee Fraud Training

We provide a road map for clients to follow in implementing new and existing policies and procedures, as well as providing recommendations on how to maintain these effective policies and procedures going forward.

Fraud Hotline Implementation

We establish Fraud and Abuse Hotlines designed to help businesses, non-profit organizations and local governments monitor and control fraud and abuse.

Cybercrime and Forensic Services

We work with clients to identify all relevant data sources and provide tools to preserve the data using standard and accepted processes.

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